Traffic was slowed down this morning due to an interesting collection of road debris.


Clothes strewn all over the highway.

Makes me wonder about the different scenarios that could have caused such a catastrophe.

Potential explanations:

1. An innocent man, accused of horrendous crimes, says goodbye to his wife, who is carrying his unborn child.  In order to save his family and provide for their future, he must fake his death and remain in hiding across the Canadian border. They stage a scene across 40-W to make it appear that he has committed suicide, having walked straight into traffic, his body is seemingly destroyed and vaporized, leaving only his clothing as the evidence of his existence.

2. Two young lovers, brought together by a forbidden romance, choose to flee the city during the early hours of the morning to start a new life together.  They shed their clothing and discard their belongings, as if to tell the world, “we don’t need your rules.”

3.The driver of a Kmart truck, suffering from exhaustion and dehydration, starts to nod off during his early morning shift. The hatch, improperly fastened, loosens just enough to swing the doors wide open, causing the cargo to tumble onto the asphalt.  The rough winds are powerful enough to slam the doors closed before too much damage is done. But not before a palette of Jordache jeans and Route 66 tank tops are lost to the open road forever.

4. A young girl awakens on her fifteenth birthday, bouncing down the spiral staircase of her majestic suburban home, to find her smiling parents standing with mounds of gifts for her to open before school.  She tears off the hot pink wrapping paper and rips open the first box, giddy with excitement. Her parents watch quietly with wide eyes, awaiting her reaction. The young girl takes one glimpse of a green cotton sweater, and suddenly she throws herself into a fit of fury. Green?!?! She wanted pink!!! Always pink. She runs to her bedroom, shouting words no fifteen year old girl should know, and in her tantrum, she gathers up as much of her closet as she can fit in her arms, storms out of the house to catch the bus, and in her grand finale of irrational drama, she chucks her wardrobe out of the emergency exit door, oblivious to the road hazards that have yet to occur, but satisfied that she has totally taught her parents a lesson.

Just my thoughts, but I guess we’ll never know for sure.

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